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Midlands, UK

About Us

Wych Way Studios is a brand new independent game studio founded by Max Bowser and James Whitehouse, designing games with fresh and innovative concepts. They believe in creating novel, accessible gameplay and questioning the 'why's at every opportunity, bringing new and exciting games to the market that are packed full of character.

The studio runs a unique reward system for fans that provides in-game unlocks for playing each game they release. In Ya Herd? it unlocks an exclusive gold wool colour to paint your sheep with, and the sheep may make an appearance in future titles for those who have played it. All fans have to do is register their email with the studio in the main menu. This will give extra value to fans and reward the most passionate supporters with a selection of additional content over the years to come.

The Founders

Max Bowser, Game Designer and Programmer, has been making games since 2012. Debuting with the text adventure game Kingdom of Hilmty, he has worked on a number of games including Tower Hero and Herd-A-Llama. Before deciding to get serious about making games, he created software in the financial advice market.

James Whitehouse, Creative Designer, brings his unique sense of design and artistry to the studio. With a background in creative design and application development for the social care industry, he is particularly talented at shaping projects to more than the sum of their parts.

Our Games

Ya Herd? May 17
Casual Single Player 2D top-down Woolly fun

A charming top-down arcade game, featuring hand-crafted graphics and unique gameplay. Try to lead your sheep as far as you can without leaving any behind. Tap the screen and your sheep will run the other way. Sounds easy? Think again as you juggle the task of keeping your flock together while steering them clear of hazards along the way. Available now on Google Play. Click for more..

TBA Q4 17
Musical Experimental

A unique music game that challenges players to explore their creativity and unleash their inner symphony.
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TBA 2018
Action Puzzler Top-down PC

A novel action game featuring puzzle elements that challenge you to adapt as you face the enemies and bosses blocking your path to freedom.
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Press Bulletin & Monetisation Authorisation

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We understand that your time is valuable. We offer a no-spam press bulletin that will send you an email only on significant occasions like new game announcements or when a game is releasing. This will also immediately send you our written authorisation to use images or videos of our games, including for monetisation purposes if your platform requires it. Sign up here